Pumpkin Carving 2012

It’s become a fun tradition! We started it four years ago with the Abercrombie’s. Sometimes there’s another family that comes, other times not. We scout out the perfect pumpkin at the store… we pick a good time to cook out and carve our pumpkins.

This year Ms. Amy & Caroline came and carved a pumpkin, too. I LOVED playing with Caroline! Baker was too into helping Mommy carve our pumpkin to play with us…. and RayRay was too into eating all the pumpkin seeds and goo that came out of our pumpkins! YUK!! Daddy was watching the MSU Homecoming game on TV and occasionally came outside for a few pics. Mommy & Mr. Brigg (as usual) have the joy of carving the pumpkins!

Caroline, Sidney, & Baker w/ Mr. Brigg in the background scooping out their pumpkin

Trying to find the PERFECT pumpkin carving picture!

Watching Baker & Mommy scoop the icky out of our pumpkin!

There’s Ms. Amy in the background, Raylin & me

Ms. Amy was a SUPER FAST carver! She was finished before Mommy even got started scooping the guts out of our pumpkin!

A little swinging fun while the carving was going on…

Me & Baker and our Mator pumpkin!

Caroline, me, Baker, & Raylin and all our pumpkins!

My brother is being silly, making his scary face! His fingers are making fangs!

Caroline & me

Caroline’s pumpkin

Raylin’s Outlaw pumpkin

Our Mator pumpkin

Mator all lit up!

We had such a great time carving pumpkins! The Bulldogs won, too! 🙂

We can’t wait until next year!

Here’s a look at past pumpkins….

Our first annual Pumpkin carving! Aunt Tonya’s pumpkin on the left, the McKenzie pumpkin in the middle & the Abercrombie’s on the right. Pumpkin Carving 2009

 The Abercrombie’s pumpkin on the left and the McKenzie pumpkin on the right. Pumpkin Carving 2010


Camp & Nash came and helped us carve pumpkins this year. The McKenzie pumpkin is on the left and the Abercrombie’s on the right. Pumpkin Carving 2011



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