Happy Birthday to me!

I turned FOUR!!! I’m getting SO big! It was like a weekend long celebration! It started on Saturday when I got up and was getting ready for my party, I found my present from Mommy & Daddy! It was a …..

A new bike!

And it holds my baby on the back and it has a zipper pouch on the front! LOVE!

Then it was time to leave for my party!! We were to have it at Pizza Hut. I could not wait!!!

But wait I would have to do… driving out of our driveway to head to the party Mommy got a phone call. About 25 minutes before my party Pizza Hut called to say they would not open, their oven was broken! I was devastated! Or maybe that was Mommy, I was just along for the ride to my party. We kept driving b/c we had to pick up my cake on the way.

There was chatter about not having anyone’s phone number to call them and let them know we couldn’t have the party at Pizza Hut. There were some phone calls to those we did have numbers for. We finally decided to go to Pizza Hut and catch whoever we could to let them know we would go to the park instead.

Mommy was a teensy bit upset to say the least… she had NO FOOD, NO DRINKS, NO DECORATIONS for a party anywhere else! All we had was cake & balloons!

To the park we went! We had a WONDERFUL time! My Daddy & Boppie stayed to let people know where we would be, they stopped and picked up BETTER pizza from Little Ceasars, they got drinks and picked up the cake. We were set!

We played and played, ate pizza & cake (though to be honest, I really didn’t care for ice cream cake until the next day when I actually ate some of it!), opened presents and had such a great time! I couldn’t have asked for a better party (I really had no idea there was a problem…)!

Me & Abby swinging on the play stuff!

Baker at my party!

Everett came to play, too!

Reagan, Abby, & me sliding down the slide!


Eating pizza! 🙂


Our makeshift cooler for the drinks. Thank goodness Nonnie & Bop went to pick up their mail before the party!

The hated ice cream cake! Though all the adults there loved it! 🙂


Blowing out my candles!

Opening my present from my brother


After my party, we went to Levi’s party! We’ve always had party’s on the same day. He is 2 days older than me and we’ve know each other since day 1! 🙂 (well, not really but close)

Me & Levi at his party! 🙂

After Levi’s party we went to the Abercrombie’s for some pumpkin carving and some MSU football!! See my pumpkin carving post here.

Sunday we went to Baker’s baseball game and then over to my Nonnie’s to play! It was like partying ALL weekend!

And then as if that all wasn’t enough… I got help Mommy make cupcakes to take to my school for my REAL birthday! We took pink sprinkled cupcakes to school on Monday! they were DE-LISH!

Don’t they look yummy!?!


And I got to open the last of my presents Monday night. I got one from my Aunt Paige and family, it was hooks to hang my purses on, a book (though it’s in German, I LOVE it!), and a backpack. They are all so cool!

My purse hangers!!

My new backpack.

Happy Birthday to me! YAY!

Love, Sidney

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