Happy Valentine’s!!!

What a great day for parties at school! Both me & my brother had one today. No mommies allowed though! (which was secretly fine with Mommy anyway since she just went yesterday on a field trip with me)

We brought home a whole lotta stuff!

Me & Baker sorting through our valentine's

Me & Baker sorting through our valentine’s

Mommy spotted one thing in my stash that she wanted to me to try.



I know… I didn’t know what they were either. Must be some old timey thing they used to do WAY back when Mommy was little. Anyway, she got them ready…

How yummy do these look?!

How yummy do these look?!

Well, I’ll tell ya… I just wasn’t into it once I saw what she did to them! Just look at that! Who would want that?! Certainly not me! That graham cracker looks WAY too healthy to eat with all that chocolate & marshmallow.

Don’t worry, Mommy took care of both of them. Very messily I might add! She had gooey white & pink stuff stretching all down her chin with chocolate smeared everywhere!

Maybe one day I’ll try these, for now I’ll stick to my tootsie rolls and hershey kisses!

xoxoxox – Sidney

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  1. Now that was a passel of loot! I’m with Sidney on the smores thing. Why in the world would you mess up a good piece of chocolate with marshmallow and cracker? Seriously?


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