No sticks & Diggers!!!

Not even sure how to start this post so we’ll just jump right into the meat of it.

Mommy & Daddy have been fed up with my getting in trouble at school. We have this stick system at school where we get sticks pulled if we aren’t doing what we are supposed to or acting up (I like to call this just being a boy but Mom says otherwise).

I’ve had some pretty bad weeks lately. I would get sticks pulled daily most weeks, sometimes 4 out of 5 days! Mom was NOT happy to say the least. I’ve meet with Mr. Spank Spoon on more than one occasion! And this doesn’t make me happy either. Especially when Mommy tells me she’s disappointed in me. She says she knows I can do better.

So we’ve been working on behaving at school. My incentive is that if I can go ALL week without getting a stick pulled (whew!! That’s tough!) then Mommy will give me $5 to spend however I would like! YAHOO!!! I’ve been plotting my spending for over a week now. I did not make it the first week we tried this (I made it til Friday and just couldn’t contain myself) so we started over this past week. And what do ya know?!! I MADE IT!!! Mrs. Killough (my principal) even came down and rewarded me with a golden ticket! (I get to spend this at our PAWS store at school!) I WAS PUMPED!!! Mommy was, too!

So after school Friday we went to eat pizza at my favorite pizza joint, CiCi’s. It was fabulous! Next stop…. Target!!!

I had to look around a LOT, every isle was picked through… it is SO hard to pick out just the right toy!!!

But I finally settled on these:

My new toys!

My new toys!

I got a dirt bike and 2 football players. Mommy made me put Eli Manning back and get Tom Brady instead. She’s such an Ole Mess hater! 🙂

Digger Sunday 🙂

Mommy and I went for a walk/bike ride today. As we were walking around the front of our neighborhood we saw all the diggers where they are expanding the rest of the neighborhood. If you know me at all I just couldn’t contain myself. We had to take pictures on each piece of equipment there was and I had to explain to Mommy how we use them in our work (b/c you KNOW I use these to work everyday!)! Such EXCITEMENT!


We’re not real sure what this is… maybe some sort of watering thing?


On the paver!

The Bulldozer!

The Bulldozer!


Love me some Excavator!

Love me some Excavator!

And how about this AWESOME scrapper!?!

And how about this AWESOME scraper!?!

This is one GIANT wheel!

This is one GIANT wheel!


Some sort of dirt pan mover!

Backhoe Loader got a little stuck!

Backhoe Loader got a little stuck!

This little guy is JUST my size!

This little guy is JUST my size!

Me & Mommy on the bulldozer!

Me & Mommy on the bulldozer!

Yay! After this we went walking and checked out all the new houses being built in the neighborhood. We love to do that!


Baker —

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  1. Oh Baker, so proud of you for a great week! Looks like you made a good choice at Target. I wish I could have been with you when you got to scope out all the great construction equipment. Love the pics. Nonnie


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