A new addition…

So we’ve been invaded. By a DOG! I really never thought my mom & dad would EVER let me get one. They kept telling me I could maybe when Spring comes, or when I could stay dry at night (this was a HUGE deal for me!). Well, I’ve been dry at night for OVER a year now and still NO DOG!

Well… in all Mommy’s infinite wisdom, she was at home sick the week before Spring Break. She was checking up on her gossip on FB and saw that Aunt Ton had posted some pics of puppies looking for a good home. She called Daddy up and asked him what he thought about getting one of them. They were SO cute! Neither one of them could pass it up! YAY!!

When I got home from school Mommy said she had a surprise for me, that Aunt Ton was bringing it over later that night. I could not wait!

FINALLY Aunt Ton got there and I saw my new puppy!! Just like I wanted, a black doggy!!!



We talked about names and we settled on Max. I think it suits him just right! He’s so cute! And sweet!

Me & Max

Me & Max

More of me & Max!

More of me & Max!

Sidney wasn’t home the first night Max came to stay so she didn’t see him until the next night. She loves him as much as a I do. πŸ™‚

Sidney & Max

Sidney & Max

She put her paper crown on Max’s head! Silly girl!



Loving on Max. (don’t worry about the red eye, my allergies are giving me fits right now!)

Playing with Max

Playing with Max

We’ve had Max about 2 weeks now and we’ve grown quite fond of him! It was hard the first few nights. We didn’t have a kennel for him and just put him in the laundry room. He was NOT happy about that and howled and whined ALL night long! Fortunately for me, I slept right through it and let Mommy & Daddy listen to it! πŸ™‚

After a couple of sleepless nights, Mommy finally invested in a kennel. Best $$ she ever spent is what she says! Max took to it like a champ and doesn’t howl anymore. He’s also become an outside dog when we aren’t home. He loves being outside with freedom to run & play. But he also loves it when we come home and let him come inside. He still sleeps inside in his kennel, he’s such a good dog!

Oh yeah, to add to all the excitement of our new dog, Nonnie couldn’t be outdone so she got Max’s sister. She named her LuLu. She’s a spunky little doggy! Her & Max have already had a sleep over while we were out of town this past weekend. They LOVED playing together!

Thanks Mommy & Daddy for getting Max for me!

Love, Baker —

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  1. Baker, Max surely is a fine dog. She was a great sleep over guest. Would you like for Lulu to stay with you some time soon? OK, me too! Nonnie


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