Good Friday

Good Friday to everybody! And such a good day it was! We cannot wait until Easter! Sidney has been telling us that Jesus was nailed to the cross, that he had holes in his wrists and he didn’t want to be there. He really wanted to be in heaven with God. She also keeps asking Mommy when she’s going to God? Mommy tells her it isn’t up to Mommy but God. When he is ready for her to come home, He’ll call her home. It’s the best answer Mommy can come up with. Anyway, we are pumped about Easter.

Today we boiled/baked eggs for dying. Mommy tried a new method for doing the eggs that she found on Pinterest. Just put your eggs on a mini muffin pan and bake them at 325 for about 30 minutes. This was super fun. Well the dying part was not the actual boiling…

Mommy & Sidney did a couple of different methods of coloring their eggs. They tried a new way with crayons and food coloring.

First they took a hot egg right out of the oven and colored on it with crayons. Making beautiful designs while the hot egg melted the wax. It was pretty cool or hot depending on how you look at it.

Next they used food coloring, paper towels, & a little spray bottle w/ water & vinegar. This way took a little time for best results. You had to put it in a plastic bag for a couple of hours. This made them super bold with color!

Mommy & Sidney's crayon eggs in front & food coloring eggs "curing" in the back.

Mommy & Sidney’s crayon eggs in front & food coloring eggs “curing” in the back.

Last, we used regular ole dye from the PAAS box. Our eggs turned out quite well I’d say. They ended up having a marble like effect. Very cool!

Getting started with our eggs...

Getting started with our eggs…

Sidney's favorite egg!

Sidney’s favorite egg!

My favorite eggs!

My favorite eggs!

In the pic below are all our dyed eggs. The really bright tie dye ones are the food color eggs. They turned out great! We’ll do these again next year.

The crayon eggs (the middle tie dye looking egg & the partial egg in the bottom right corner) turned out really neat, too. Maybe I’ll try one next year.

The final product!

The final product!

After dying eggs we went shopping for a bit with Nonnie. Let’s just say Sidney & I were not on our best behavior! We didn’t shop too long….

When we got home we played outside with Max & Lulu.

And we dug in the dirt for a while….

Building roads! :)

Building roads! 🙂

Mommy told me how when she was little, her & her sister (my Aunt Ton) used to build dirt roads and they would drive their matchbox cars all over them, like a little city or something. 🙂

Good night & I hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend!

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  1. When I was little I used to play with my sister (Aunt Kit) and ride tricycles all through the woods on the dirt roads (made by raking the pine straw to make the roads). Just great fun! Of course we would get mad at each other and ram into the back of each other, but we did not tell mommy because she would make us kiss and make up. Yuck!


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